Green Production


(1) Kangsidi electric furnace smelting stainless steel mother liquor technology (international first)

Considi electric furnaces are often used to smelt carbon steel. Before our company's application, we have never used them for stainless steel smelting. Through technical research and process practice, our company is the first in the world to develop the use of Considi electric furnaces to smelt stainless steel mother liquor. The advanced technology has obtained independent intellectual property rights.

This technology continuously feeds materials to the electric furnace through a special online conveyor, and the raw materials are heated by the counter-flowing flue gas through the preheating section, which increases the temperature of the raw materials entering the furnace and realizes the rapid melting of the raw materials. It is characterized by low smelting power consumption, high molten steel yield, negative pressure in the furnace during preheating, stable molten pool, low noise, and clean working environment. It is an efficient and fast short-process steelmaking technology.

(2) The world's advanced on-line solution treatment process for stainless steel medium and heavy plates

By optimizing the heating and rolling process, our company has overcome technical problems such as excessive performance and poor shape of austenitic stainless steel medium and heavy plates under the online cooling process, and successfully developed the world's first set of heating-free online solution treatment for stainless steel medium and heavy plates. Process technology, compared with the traditional stainless steel offline solution heat treatment process, the stainless steel plate heating-free online solution process equipment has the following technical advantages:

1. The heat treatment equipment is arranged online, eliminating the need for the reheating process. Using the residual heat temperature after rolling of the medium and heavy plate, the online heat treatment is directly carried out, which saves more than 60% of production energy consumption, greatly saves energy consumption, and reduces production emissions.

2. The reheating process is omitted, the transmission time on the product line is reduced, and the production cycle of stainless steel sheet products is reduced from more than 24 hours to less than 5 hours, which improves the production efficiency and greatly shortens the product production cycle.