Testing Center

Testing center is a comprehensive laboratory focusing on physical and chemical analysis and testing. It was established in 2010 and currently has 65 staff, including 6 management staff and 59 testing staff.

The department is divided into "four rooms and one center", namely: the rapid detection room in front of the furnace, the chemical testing room, the physical testing room, the raw material sample preparation room and the sample processing center.

Testing center has always adhered to the quality policy of "scientific, fair, accurate and efficient", and all employees are guided by the core values of "character, innovation, responsibility, learning, and passion", Continuous pursuit of excellence in testing.

Testing center now covers a total area of about 3129.1 square meters, with a value of more than 15 million yuan and a complete range of modern analysis and testing instruments and equipment, among which the representative equipment is a PANalytical X-ray fluorescence spectrometer from the Netherlands. , two American Thermoelectric ARL4460 direct reading spectrometers, one American Lico infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, one American Lico oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, one German Zeiss metallographic microscope, one American TO impact testing machine, and a large number of Domestic advanced physics, chemistry, sample preparation and testing equipment. Precise and advanced equipment, complete varieties, safe and stable operation, can fully meet the needs of daily inspection work, and provide sufficient guarantee for product quality.