Indonesian special envoy met with group vice president Zhang Jiankan and his party in Tengchong, Yunnan


On October 10, His Excellency Luhut, the special envoy of the President of Indonesia, the coordinator of cooperation with China and the Coordinating Minister, met with Zhang Jiankan and Xu Weidong, vice presidents of the Group, in Tengchong, Yunnan.

During the symposium, Minister Luhut first fully affirmed Zhenshi's contribution to "guaranteeing construction, production, employment, and people's livelihood" during the epidemic in Indonesia. Minister Luhut said that Zhenshi has a long investment history in Indonesia, with stable operating benefits and broad investment prospects. The two sides have established a profound friendship on the basis of project cooperation. He pointed out that Indonesia is willing to continue to provide a good investment environment for Zhenshi and other Chinese-funded enterprises, provide policy support, and improve infrastructure. At the same time, he hopes that the two sides will further deepen cooperation and help the "Belt and Road" initiative to connect with the "global ocean" more effectively. Fulcrum" strategy to achieve win-win cooperation.

Vice President Zhang Jiankan expressed his gratitude to Minister Luhut for his reception, and reported to His Excellency the construction of Zhenshi's projects in Indonesia, future investment directions and related matters that need to be coordinated. He said that Zhenshi has a long-term investment vision in Indonesia, and will further increase investment to build a world-class industrial park for comprehensive utilization of nickel resources, which will play an important role in promoting local economic development and industrial progress. In the post-epidemic era, Zhenshi will continue to adhere to the international strategy of "going out bravely, going forward firmly, and coming back successfully", further strengthening localized management, and contributing to enhancing the friendship between China and Indonesia and helping the economic and social development of the two countries .