The registration and pre-job training of Eastern Special Steel's new college students in 2018 was successfully completed


From July 7th to 8th, 2018, Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. welcomed 32 college students who graduated from 22 colleges and universities across the country, injecting fresh blood into the development of Eastern Special Steel, replenishing new forces, and jointly creating a first-class, most A competitive steel service manufacturer.

From July 9th, the one-week pre-job training for new employees began. Hu Xinhong, general manager of the Group's management and personnel department, and Jin Xiang, director of the group office, attended the opening ceremony of the training. Director Jin first started from the historical origin of the group, and focused on the development status and future planning of the group for new college students, and gave guidance from the aspects of corporate culture and employee quality. Then, Mr. Hu gave a detailed account of our talent training plans and policies for the new college students, and the new employees were inspired and inspired.

From July 12th to 13th, the new employees wore camouflage military uniforms and were ready to go. The two-day military expansion training officially started. Standing at attention, taking a breath, straddling, saluting, turning, and walking at the same pace, it is really a heroic display, and it is very cool. This is a competition of will and perseverance, a competition of ability and spirit. They have accumulated the strength to fight bravely, created a team of unity and cooperation, and learned perseverance through crystal clear sweat!

On July 14th, "re-taking the road of entrepreneurship and remembering the soul of Zhenshi", college students went to Shimen, Tongxiang on foot to visit the old site of Shimen, visit the birthplace, and delve into the development history of Zhenshi. Immediately afterwards, everyone visited the various subsidiaries of Zhenshi in turn. During the visit, they became more aware of Zhenshi and got closer to Zhenshi.

Just one week of registration and training is over, but the struggle does not stop. A new dream lights up, a new journey begins, the future is up to you!