High temperature condolences, love the grassroots


On the afternoon of August 8, 2018, the sun was shining brightly. Yan Jidan, vice chairman of Jiaxing Federation of Trade Unions, accompanied by Qiu Chunming, deputy general manager of the company, and Zhang Ruiwen, manager of administrative management department, accompanied our company to carry out high temperature and cool activities, together for sticking to the production line employees sent heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies, bringing cordial greetings and care to front-line employees.


The leaders walked into the workshop to check the work situation in the workshop, and told the responsible comrades on site to reasonably arrange the work and rest time of the employees, provide necessary labor protection measures, and ensure the physical and mental health of the employees. He expressed his gratitude to the employees who fought on the front line of high temperature, and urged employees to pay attention to safety and combine work and rest when working in high temperature.

In the past few days, the majority of front-line workers have faced the "baking test" of high temperature and heat, and our company has also taken active measures to carry out heatstroke prevention and cooling work. Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. provides employees with herbal tea and salt soda every day in order to improve their working environment and dietary conditions.

The condolences brought a burst of coolness to the employees and inspired everyone's morale. Employees have expressed that they will continue to take safety as their own responsibility, and work with a fuller spirit to fight the high temperature and heat!