Unity to fight against "Lark Typhoon"


On August 3, this year's No. 12 typhoon "Lark" landed in Jiaxing. When it landed, the maximum wind force near the center was level 9 (23 m/s), and the minimum pressure in the center was 985 hPa. Eastern Special Steel mobilized, responded quickly, and actively acted, and went all out to fight against the typhoon "Lark", and made every effort to ensure the order of the company and the safety of employees' lives and property.

The company quickly entered the "challenge" state, linked up and down, strictly deployed emergency plans, quickly formed a typhoon anti-typhoon team, led all relevant departments to fight against typhoon, and arranged security personnel on duty 24 hours a day to make temporary responses.

The leaders of the company conducted investigations on problems such as water accumulation and fallen trees caused by heavy rainfall, seized time, implemented tasks, actively defended against typhoon "Lark", and strived to minimize losses.

For the road sections with serious water accumulation in the plant area, the heads of various departments check the drainage situation in time and carry out on-site supervision and guidance. Because the company's factory area was hit by heavy rain, the road area was seriously flooded. In order to protect the interests of employees, the administrative department specially arranged buses to enter the factory area to pick up and drop off employees.