Strong blood and passion--Eastern Special Steel launched 2018 voluntary blood donation activities


On August 20, in order to actively promote the development of social welfare undertakings, advocate the spirit of love and dedication, and further reflect the core values of the group of "character, innovation, responsibility, learning, and passion", the Eastern Special Steel Branch of Zhenshi Holding Group organized the 2018 obligation For the blood donation activity, 45 cadres and employees actively signed up to participate. After a number of strict physical examination screenings, a total of 33 qualified participants participated in blood donation.

At 8:00 in the morning, the blood donors arrived at the Xinfeng Town Government on time. At the blood donation site, the staff prepared milk, brown sugar water, eight-treasure porridge, biscuits and other nutritional products early. The employees were in high spirits. After completing the steps of filling in the form, physical examination, blood type test, and venous blood collection in an orderly manner, they rolled up their sleeves and donated blood. 300ml, 400ml, gurgling blood into the blood bag. Looking at the bags of bright red sealed bags, everyone's faces were filled with smiles.

This year's blood donation team is larger than in previous years, including cadres and employees who have donated blood several times, as well as new employees who donate blood for the first time. With mutual encouragement, they bravely joined the ranks of blood donation and actively passed on positive energy. Although their age and work experience are different, their selfless dedication is the same. Blood donation employees have expressed that participating in voluntary blood donation is a way to convey love, and it is also the obligation of every citizen, and it is also the practical action that each of our special steel people has done to build a cultural vibration stone.

This public welfare blood donation activity has comprehensively improved the awareness of the majority of employees on the significance of voluntary blood donation activities, established the dedication spirit of "everyone is for me, I am for everyone", and fully reflects the excellent quality and quality of cadres and employees actively participating in social welfare activities. Good mental outlook, make due contributions to social welfare undertakings.