Congratulations to Zhang Weihua for winning the first prize in the 2018 Xinfeng Town Forklift Skill Competition


In order to actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the economy and society, and build a team of craftsmen with superb and exquisite skills, after more than one month of active preparation, it was sponsored by the Xinfeng Town Federation of Trade Unions, undertaken by Xinfengcheng School, and Zhenshi Group Dongfang Special Steel Co., Ltd. The co-organized 2018 Xinfeng Town Forklift Skills Competition was held on the afternoon of October 25 at Zhenshi Group Dongfang Special Steel Co., Ltd. More than 30 forklift operators from more than 10 companies in the jurisdiction participated in the competition.

This forklift competition consists of three competition items, including S-shaped driving, stacking pallets, and skillfully crossing obstacles. The competition items not only test the eyesight and patience of the forklift driver, but also comprehensively test the forklift driver's smooth and efficient operation ability and precise operation. Stacking speed. In the competition, the superb skills of the forklift drivers attracted bursts of applause. Finally, after half a day of fierce competition, a total of 6 first, second and third prizes were selected. Among them, Zhang Weihua, an employee of Dongfang Special Steel, won the first place, and Yan Jianlin and Zheng Youfu won the third place.

Through this forklift competition, it not only provides a platform for technical employees to discuss and communicate, but also further stimulates employees' interest in learning professional skills, further improves employees' professional skills and comprehensive professional quality, and provides strong technical and skilled personnel support for enterprise development. .