Eastern Special Steel's scientific research project was selected as the key research and development plan of Zhejiang Province in 2019


In order to promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries in Zhejiang Province, promote the transformation of the economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development, and lead the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang's industries, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology launched the application for the 2019 provincial key R&D program in April 2018. Eastern Special Steel applied for the scientific research project of "Key Technology Development and Industrialization of High-Performance Seawater Corrosion-Resistant Duplex Stainless Steel Sheets". The Department of Science and Technology issued the "Notice on the Release of Key Provincial R&D Plan Projects in 2019" (Zheke Faji [2018] No. 176), and our project was successfully approved.

By optimizing the composition system of high-performance seawater corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel with independent intellectual property rights, the project develops key production technologies of duplex stainless steel, realizes large-scale production, improves the production technology level of seawater corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel in my country, and promotes Zhejiang Province. And the independent innovation and industrial upgrading of my country's duplex stainless steel, improve the competitiveness of Zhejiang Province and my country's marine resources development and utilization technology.

The successful establishment of this project is part of the results of the strategic adjustment and industrial upgrading of the Group and the company in recent years. In recent years, the group and the company have attached great importance to the transformation of Eastern special steel industry, actively adjusted the company's industrial structure, paid close attention to product quality construction, and vigorously supported the development of new products.