Congratulations to Eastern Special Steel for winning the first place in the Nanhu District Safety Management Skills Competition


In order to improve the safety production management level of enterprises, further strengthen the safety quality of enterprise employees, and promote enterprises to implement the main responsibility for safety production, the "Life First, Safety Production" sponsored by the Nanhu Federation of Trade Unions Office, Nanhu District Industrial and Trade Enterprise Safety Management Skills Competition was held in 2018. On November 21, it was grandly held in Jiaxing Kaitian Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. The participants include the district federation of trade unions, the head of the district safety supervision bureau and the head of the department, the relevant heads of the (street, park) federations of trade unions, safety supervision teams, and 15 industrial and trade enterprises, including Zhenshi Group Oriental Special Steel Co., Ltd. As a representative of Xinfeng Town Federation of Trade Unions, I went to participate in this competition.

This safety management skills competition is divided into two parts, the first is a competition of theoretical knowledge about safety laws and regulations, rules and regulations, safety knowledge, etc., and the second is a competition of "big investigation" of various safety hazards. This competition not only tested the players' safety production management knowledge reserve, but also tested the players' comprehensive reaction ability and the psychological quality of the field. The atmosphere of the competition was warm and tense, and the players went all out to exert their full strength. After a whole day of fierce competition, the competition came to an end. Dongfang Special Steel employees Wang Fuqin, Xiao Hui and Zhu Hongliang achieved good results.

This competition not only provided a platform for employees in safety positions to discuss and communicate, but also showed the demeanor of safety production managers.