2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report

Company Name: Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. 
Address: No. 1, Jiagang Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
A socially respected enterprise, the company makes the following commitments:
implements the standard of excellence in all business areas;
in all operations Abide by professional ethics and be responsible;
Respect the rights of all individuals;
Focus on environmental protection;
Actively follow up and comply with relevant regulations, standards and the requirements of various stakeholders, and continuously improve social responsibility, occupational health, safety and health and quality management performance.
As a responsible organization in society, the company will strive to comply with relevant national laws and regulations through the introduction of various management systems, and strictly achieve the following in company policies and management practices Points:

1. Responsibility Management The guiding ideology of the parallel development of social responsibility and economic benefits”, and established and gradually improved the social responsibility system.
The company has established a social responsibility work leading group headed by the general manager. There are offices under the leading group, and each department is the supervision and promotion department for the implementation of social responsibility in the professional field, and performs the work guidance and assessment of social responsibility. In 2017, we continued to sort out the matrix management system of the division of labor and cooperation among functional departments, clarify the division of responsibilities, and create a working pattern of a community of responsibility.


2. Responsible communication
We adhere to the principles of integrity, equality and interaction, and actively promote and improve the communication and participation mechanism of stakeholders. Attach importance to communication with stakeholders, establish a multi-channel communication method, and continuously increase information disclosure through the company's website, newspapers and periodicals, and establish and improve an open and transparent communication and participation mechanism. We actively build a communication platform for stakeholders, and encourage stakeholders to participate in the company's responsibility fulfillment practices, so as to promote the coordinated development of economic growth, environmental protection and social progress.


1, 310,000 tons of solid waste projects

2. Coal to Gas

3. Road dust removal
In order to reduce the problem of dust on the roads in the factory area, two new vacuum cleaners are added, and corresponding vehicle drivers are equipped to vacuum the roads in the factory area every day according to the site conditions. , Improve the cleanliness of the road surface in the factory area and reduce the secondary dust on the road surface.
4. Planting trees in green space
5. Reclaimed water reuse
6. Waste acid recovery
7. Waste heat power generation 

1. Eastern Special Steel always adheres to the safety concept of "people-oriented, healthy and harmonious", and always pays attention to the production safety status of the enterprise and the occupational health of employees.  


1. Integrity management
Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel's integrity marketing is manifested in three aspects.
1. Humanized management. Eastern Special Steel promises and guarantees to provide consumers with products and services that meet people's consumption needs, eliminate false advertising, prohibit consumption fraud, adhere to a realistic management attitude, achieve humanized management, and provide products that consumers really want.
2. Excellent quality assurance. The company also has advanced equipment and has an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons of stainless steel.
3. Perfect product after-sales service. Eastern Special Steel actively establishes and improves the after-sales tracking system for products and services, undertakes the agreed responsibilities in accordance with laws and regulations and the agreement of consumers, and provides consumers with comprehensive, thoughtful and reasonable after-sales service.

4. Product quality
Eastern Special Steel, as an entity manufacturing industry, product quality is the lifeline of the company's development. For products from research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales service, from the source Control on top, go deep into every link, avoid the same problem from happening again, and greatly improve the product qualification rate and production efficiency.
4.1 The quality and safety of products provided by Eastern Special Steel meet national and international standards. Environmental protection has passed IS014001 environmental management system certification.
4.2 The company has formulated and implemented a sound quality management system to identify, measure, monitor, evaluate, record, report and correct the safety and health problems of products or services; Through the IS09001 quality management system, it has been widely recognized by the industry.
4.3 During the whole life cycle of products and services, Eastern Special Steel has always followed the precaution of taking precautions, taking all-round testing measures for potential product and service safety risks, and ensuring that according to international standards, product quality.

5.Fair operation
Eastern Special Steel understands that customers are God, actively practices fair operation, abides by international rules and where it operates Laws and regulations, abide by the code of business ethics, be honest and trustworthy, and operate in accordance with the law. In the context of global economic integration, any enterprise and any product are part of the global supply chain. The market calls for fair operation. As a well-known enterprise, Eastern Special Steel needs a fair, open and just business environment. Integrity and compliance operation are the basic business ethics that the company abides by. Creating a responsibility value chain, mutual benefit and common development with all parties is the morality and responsibility Eastern Special Steel should undertake.

6. Fair competition
The so-called fair competition means that all types of enterprises enter the market on an equal footing according to the law, and conduct market competition in a fair, just and open manner. As far as the current market is concerned, the competition mechanism of enterprises is still unfair. Therefore, it is necessary for us to establish a fair competition mechanism, break down those hidden barriers, and give ordinary private enterprises a smooth upward channel. Eastern Special Steel is also actively striving for it through its own efforts.
6.1 Comply with laws, regulations and other requirements, and conduct market competition in a fair manner.
Eastern Special Steel has been going all the way to today, relying on honest management and excellent product quality, with the corporate spirit of being responsible to the society and consumers, and strives to consolidate quality and realize products. The whole process of production control ensures the quality of products, thus winning a place in the competition.
6.2 Establish and implement an anti-unfair competition management system.
Eastern Special Steel is facing the disadvantage of unfair competition. It is necessary to respond quickly and calmly.
6.3 Positive influence and cooperation within the industry to jointly achieve fair competition.
Eastern Special Steel establishes and improves the direct price adjustment mechanism based on the long-term interests of the enterprise and the industry. Strengthen cooperation and self-discipline among enterprises in the industry, avoid intensifying external competition, and strive to improve the economic benefits of the industry.

7. Facility
All relevant operators of the company's facilities need to be trained. It has undergone daily maintenance and regular maintenance and safety inspections. There are guidelines for establishing safe operations.

1. Establish an occupational health file for each employee, formulate an annual health examination plan every year, set up complete labor protection supplies for each post, and conduct occupational disease health examinations for employees in toxic and harmful jobs. Flexible job rotation for risk positions ensures the health of employees. In order to truly care for the health of the company's employees, create a corporate culture of healthy and happy work, healthy and happy life for employees, and build a people-oriented harmonious enterprise, the group company conducts annual health checks for employees of each subsidiary.  

2. Forced Labor
Prohibits the use and support of any servitude or indentured labor, corporal punishment, imprisonment, threats of violence, and does not require employees to pay (deposit) or deposit at the time of employment* ********At. The company's employees work overtime voluntarily and are free to do activities in their spare time.

3. Health and Safety
Comply with relevant regulations. Effectively control safety and health risks, provide employees with a healthy and safe working and living environment, and take appropriate measures to minimize the hidden dangers in the working environment under possible conditions. And ensure that it has at least reasonable access to clean drinking water and sanitation, fire safety, and adequate lighting and ventilation. The company ensures that all employees receive regular and documented health and safety training and retrains new and transferred employees.

4. Employee representatives and associations
The company respects employees' personal ******. Employees have the right to form trade unions, freedom of association and collective bargaining. Unions and employee representatives are not discriminated against and have access to union members in the work environment.

5. Discrimination
The company's employment, remuneration, training opportunities, promotions, work arrangements (including overtime), dismissal and other matters are based on employees' personal abilities and job needs, and will never engage in Or support any act of discrimination based on race, social class, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation.